cloud solutions simplified

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We design & build cloud solutions

More often than not, Azure cloud services can usually offer several ways to deploy a service.  We love to share the experience that we have gained in implementing multiple solutions for various companies in different environments.​We help our customers to implement optimized landing zones in respect to each business’s needs and the geographical constellations.

We optimize cloud solutions

The first step is often to move existing workloads to the cloud. This makes a lot of sense according to our experience. But there comes a time when it really pays off to optimize the workloads to run in native cloud solutions to reduce costs to a minimum. We help IT teams to gain the necessary knowledge and experience by building solutions together.

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We automate cloud solution deployments

​When everything becomes software, everything can be automated. We are highly specialized in leveraging the potential of automation to optimize costs and preventing IT teams from having to do tedious and repetitive tasks by implementing:

  • Infrastructure as code (iac)

  • Azure DevOps

  • Deployment Pipelines

  • Governance as code

  • Policy as code

  • And more!

We optimize cloud cost consumption

Microsoft Azure solutions offer a huge flexibility, agility and fast provisioning of new solutions for IT departments. But without the right balance between policies and controls, costs can quickly skyrocket. We help to implement the desired balance between keeping high agility, flexibility and fast time to market in respect to the required and automated governance and policies.


We develop the business case, implement required governance and the target operating model 

Moving to the cloud opens huge opportunities but needs a carefully developed business case. We help to define the governance and operating model to enable a smooth transition.

We implement and review required security

We review and ensure that business solutions running in the cloud have the necessary security measures implemented in order to safeguard business assets and data.

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