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Solify OpsEngine

After successful implementation of many cloud optimization projects, we have started to consolidate our expert knowledge into a tool.

It supports you in the areas of cost awareness, change tracking, security and optimization recommendations.

You might know the Azure Advisor, which is a built-in service in the azure portal. It is a very practical tool that provides some recommendations to optimize your environment.

The Solify OpsEngine looks pretty much the same but goes far beyond the basic recommendations of the Azure Advisor.

Basically, we have implemented hundreds of recommendations that will greatly support you in optimizing your Azure environment on a daily basis.

You want to learn more about the Solify OpsEngine? We would love to provide you with much more insights about it and provide a demo for you and your team. Just use the contact formular down below and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Cost awareness

Nowadays there is a lack of awareness about the costs, often it is unclear how much which resource costs. Exactly for this is our product, which not only guarantees you awareness regarding the costs, no also additionally brings up specific recommendations.


To protect the environment from attacks as much as possible, the tool informs us about possible security vulnerabilities.


In order to avoid searching the Internet, the individual recommendations are well documented so that they can be applied.

Change Tracking

The change tracking gives us an overview of the latest changes. It supports you in troubleshooting problems in your environment, because it shows easily and well the last changes of each resource.

Resource Optimization

To make the best use of the Azure environment, the tool includes many optimization recommendations, from performance recommendations to unused resources.

Solify OpsEngine

See what Solify OpsEngine looks like

CAD Peformance Solution

Low Latency

Near-zero Latency sync between audio and video.

60 FPS UHD playback

Cost optimized

The cost-intensive virtual machines are started or stopped depending on their use.

Secure P2P streaming

Encrypted, peer-to-peer connections and enforced SSO.

Drawing tablet support

Full pressure and tilt sensitive drawing tablet inputs mean accurate control over your workstation.

Perfect color

You get 4:4:4 color mode, improving contrast and making fine details stand out.

Team computers

Make workstations automatically available to individuals or groups on your team for seamless, secure access.

Multi-monitor streaming

Flexible displays let you create super powered home offices. Manage screens independently to get things just right. (up to 3 monitors)

Virtualized high performance CAD solution

Through the implementation of various solutions at our construction customers, we know that there is a great demand for high-performance CAD solutions on Azure.


With the resources provided by Microsoft and using native UHD 4K, you automatically run into a 30 FPS (frames per second) transfer rate limit, which is too low for CAD drafters (e.g. AutoCad), which also feels too sluggish for a CAD worker.

That's why we've now developed a setup on Azure that delivers a constant 60 FPS at 4k UHD resolution. This is a great "icebreaker" for Azure, because CAD Workstation is a core business for the construction industry and for some this is also a killer criterion for or against the cloud.

Our solution is aligned with the services provided by Azure, which gives the user the best possible experience.

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