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Low Latency

Near-zero Latency sync between audio and video.

60 FPS UHD playback

Cost optimized

The cost-intensive virtual machines are started or stopped depending on their use.

Secure P2P streaming

Encrypted, peer-to-peer connections and enforced SSO.

Drawing tablet support

Full pressure and tilt sensitive drawing tablet inputs mean accurate control over your workstation.

Perfect color

You get 4:4:4 color mode, improving contrast and making fine details stand out.

Team computers

Make workstations automatically available to individuals or groups on your team for seamless, secure access.

Multi-monitor streaming

Flexible displays let you create super powered home offices. Manage screens independently to get things just right. (up to 3 monitors)

Virtualized high performance CAD solution

Through the implementation of various solutions at our construction customers, we know that there is a great demand for high-performance CAD solutions on Azure.


With the resources provided by Microsoft and using native UHD 4K, you automatically run into a 30 FPS (frames per second) transfer rate limit, which is too low for CAD drafters (e.g. AutoCad), which also feels too sluggish for a CAD worker.

That's why we've now developed a setup on Azure that delivers a constant 60 FPS at 4k UHD resolution. This is a great "icebreaker" for Azure, because CAD Workstation is a core business for the construction industry and for some this is also a killer criterion for or against the cloud.

Our solution is aligned with the services provided by Azure, which gives the user the best possible experience.

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